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Critical Power


AllPower have a wealth of experience in delivering numerous critical power solutions, so we know what needs to be considered for each individual installation. What systems require critical power? What type of critical power is suitable? How will it interface with the existing LV system? How do you maintain it and how will it be controlled? These are all key considerations that AllPower can assist with, design and deliver. Some of the common requests we get from our clients are for the following:


Uninterruptible Power Supplies are the ultimate solution for many organisations. They protect voice and data processing systems, including server racks, virtual PBXs and enterprise wide datacentre operations from the expensive downtime, hardware faults and software errors. UPS systems we can offer range from:

  • On-line double-conversion UPS – ultimate power protection
  • Line Interactive UPS – intermediate power protection
  • Standby UPS – basic power protection


Backup generation can also be provided for both fixed installations and temporary power facilities including 24 hour call-out.

We will consider every aspect of your power requirements including civil work, transformers, control and switch gear, AMF and synchronous controls, generator and UPS, acoustic and complete fuel solution.

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