PV & ELV Charger


Photo voltaic maintenance is a package we offer. Maintaining these systems is generally a fairly low priority, however, depending on the system size, annual maintenance can play a key part in their performance and cost savings generated. Our package of PV systems maintenance includes Solar panel inspection, which will identify any damage, dirt ingress or other remedials that maybe required. Solar panel cleaning. On-call expertise when an incident occurs and System Performance monitoring.

EV chargers have low maintenance requirements. However, they can be hazardous and potentially lethal if issues arise. Once the system has been installed, they are then exposed to outside weather conditions and having an electrical supply, will require an annual service to ensure the unit is operating as it should. This helps to avoid any health and safety issues which could occur during its use.

It is important that maintenance is performed by a qualified expert. Our EV charger operation and maintenance package includes the following:

  • EV Charger Repairs
  • Visual Inspection
  • Performance Check and confirmation of charge times
  • Full Report on inspections and any recommendations or remedials required

For more information contact us at: office@all-power.co.uk