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Systems & Maintenance

AllPower can provide fire solutions to protect lives, property and other assets of all sectors. We can undertake design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and monitoring of systems such as:

Electronic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems Design (hard-wired/

  • Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems
  • Fire Training
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Safety Signage

We also have extensive industry experience of every aspect within the fire protection sector including field engineering, sales, design, and project management.

We deliver the highest quality installations and provide a full range of competitive service and maintenance packages, 24/7 – ensuring that your fire safety systems are always compliant in line with latest fire safety regulations.

To ensure your existing fire detection system remains compliant and fully functional, routine maintenance and testing can be carried out by AllPower with tests and inspections by a ‘competent person’ in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and British Standards BS5839:2002.

  • Visually inspecting any structural or occupancy changes
  • Checking false alarm records
  • Battery checking and testing
  • Checking and testing of control panel functions
  • Testing of fire alarm devices
  • Checking automatic transmission of alarm signals to an alarm receiving centre (ARC)
  • Checking and testing of all fault indicators and circuits
  • Testing of printers
  • Other checks and tests recommended by the manufacturer
  • Reporting of outstanding defects
  • Completing log book
  • Issuing servicing certificate

We also provide servicing and maintenance of all Security Systems, as they need regular maintenance to ensure optimum functionality. We inspect individual components to ensure that all parts communicate effectively with one another ensuring the system remains operational during normal and emergency conditions such as mains failure.

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