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AllPower has been providing services within the Industrial sector for many years, at various client facilities, refurbishments and new-build projects.

We have successfully completed numerous industrial installations and have an exceptional skill-set within our team to undertake and deliver these types of installations.

Whether its large, heavy-duty containment systems such as ladder racks and trays, HV & LV infrastructure cabling or large switch gear arrangements, we have the skills and experience to deliver.

A currently have a large number of industrial clients and we receive frequent requests for assistance,  such as relocating heavy machinery or alterations to existing LV installations. We can undertake all aspects of industrial works, including the co-ordinated moving of machinery if required.

Our team have a wealth of experience in installing large-scale cables and various different cable types available, as well as the specialist techniques required for glanding, terminating or jointing.

Within the Industrial sector, large-scale machinery is often involved and can be a critical part of our clients’ processes. It is therefore vital that they are kept operational. We therefore provide full support with this through our tailored maintenance packages. This service has proved vital for many industrial customers, as our engineers have been able to keep them operational during peak periods and during machine moves etc, which usually brings extra demands.

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