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Annual test and inspection of lightning protection is essential for the safeguard of structures, their contents and the lives of their occupants. As such, annual maintenance is a vital part of any lightning protection system’s longevity, efficiency, safety, and is recommended annually by British Standard, BS EN 62305

Our annual maintenance package for Lightning Protection will ensure your building remains protected and compliant, to avoid the system falling foul of the following:

  • Lightning Protection is fundamentally installed to reduce the risk of “loss of human life” and “loss of service to the public” in accordance with BS EN 62305.
  • Maintenance of the Lightning Protection System is often a requirement of the building insurances.
  • The electricity at work regulations 1989 states that “all systems shall be maintained so as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, danger”.
  • The effectiveness of the Lightning Protection System may be reduced over time due to physical damage, corrosion, adverse weather conditions, or as a result of additions or alterations to the building under protection.

Earth electrode resistance values can fluctuate adversely over time and are susceptible to changing weather conditions. As such it is an industry recommendation that a test and inspection is carried out at 11 month intervals in order to cover all seasons over a period of time.

Following each test and inspection we will provide a detailed report, highlighting any necessary remedials required.

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